The BrandforD company was based in 2000. This company has specialized on refrigerated cases production under the Arneg Rus license. In 2004 it was bought by Tredan Engineering Ltd. (The Great Britain). Today BrandforD is one of the leading companies in a field of professional equipment production. There are a great number of various types of refrigerated counters, roll-in cabinets, gondolas, refrigerators in the range. Product line consists of 30 models and more than 100 modifications.
BrandforD produces packaged refrigerated showcases and remote cabinets.
This company is the only Russian producer of unique customized refrigerators for multinational brands.

Besides, recently the company produced a new line of equipment named 'Invisible lines'. The concept of this product is focused on possibility to be integrated in non-intrusive and descreet manner to provide the consumers' concentration on foods which is represented. These new products useful capacity is larger, in addition its efficiency is higher, therefore fitting of a store with this special kind of equipment will be certainly a perfect choice.