The Criocabin company was found in 1965 and included 2 business units, which were known as Criocabin and Criosbanc. The producer covered 2 factories, but at the end of 1990s the Criosbanc was bought by German manufacturer Linde and Criocabin has started its independent work since that time. Nowadays Criocabin is a premium brand, this company makes exclusive refrigerating equipment, which is popular with trade enterprises all over the world. Criocabin produces an up-market equipment mainly, different types of luxurious refrigerated display cases under this trademark are really unique. Nevertheless, there are also standard units in the Criocabin assortment and they are also in a very high demand. Refrigerating display cases Criocabin combine a very high quality, reliability, endurance, modern technologies, individuality and elegant style.