Opening a grocery store (Review)

Which factors are important when opening a new grocery store? The IdeaSupermarket company brings to your notice list of things to know when opening a grocery store. These significant details can help you to start your own business.

ItТs common knowledge that food shops have always been high in demand among consumers.  
At the present time the situation is the same: regardless of the fact that supermarkets and hypermarkets are much-in-demand, corner stores have their own marketplace. These trade enterprises are very convenient for customers because of their concept. Anyone can always find staple articles and basic goods on the shelves in such kind of stores. What is it supposed to be taken into account before opening a grocery store? The IdeaSupermarket company can share with you some business secrets.
First of all, itТs necessary to find an appropriate location for a store. In most cases itТs just the successful location that determines course of further store operation and prosperity. Please note, that not a wide range of goods or bargain prices! It would be a perfect solution to open a store in the neighborhood of subway and transport stations. In fact, there is a rule of thumb Ц the higher traffic flow, the more successful are the sales. Location which is chosen is considered to be especially fortunate if there is no any other grocery store within a radius of 500 m. In this case retailer has the game in his hands, as we know food products are of high importance every day.
We donТt recommend you to locate the project in neighborhood of supermarket chains Ц especially discounters, because customers can be attracted by wider range of goods and discounted prices. These factors can be deciding for losing target customers.  
While looking for the most suitable location for the soon-to-be store, itТs necessary to examine a situation of trade enterprises which are located around. Any detail can be important: quantity and quality of corner groceries, supermarkets, hypermarkets, gastronomes and even small stands. You also need to get a line on residential density and route plans.  
The next step is a searching for convenient area and trade equipment. Specialists who work in retail segment advice to avoid acquisition of sales floor space and construction of stand-alone building. It would be better to rent premarketing Ц itТs profitably and safely.  
Remedial work and professional equipment purchase are the indispensible parts of store outfit. But it certainly requires considerable financial investments. What are the main kinds of professional equipment which can be used in a store? Firstly, itТs really very important to set high quality refrigerated equipment on the trade floorspace. That is the specialized type of equipment that provides keeping, presentation and demonstration of different types of food products that have to be kept under refrigeration. This class traditionally includes refrigerated cases, display counters, gondolas. Such models can provide fully-featured store fitting. On the basis of store size and product assortment, gastronomical, confectionary and fish displays can be set up. Nowadays producers offer a wide range of different equipment modifications. Besides, client can choose the most relevant combinations, colors and materials at his pleasure and requirements. The IdeaSupermarket company offers its clients refrigerated equipment produced by such well-known brands as Linde, BrandforD, Ariada, IARP, Mondial Group, Pastorfrigor.  
One of needful types of equipment is weighing equipment; it can help to determine the product bottom-line price. The majority of retailers prefer equipment under Cas trademark. You also should take into account that it will be necessary to get packaging machines, which meet the challenge of packaging of meat, cheese, semi-finished products, fruits and vegetables. ItТs impossible to replace in stores where regular and fast packaging of foods is needed. For example, reliable packaging machines produce such companies as Sirman and Komet.
Successful enterprise performance is impossible without usage of racks, which are meant for storage of grocery products, sweets, beverages, bread and flour products. They often are made to order; producers of equipment design racks considering concrete client requirements.    
Why do retailers need equipment? Obviously for storage and demonstration of products which are presented in assortment. But any retailer who is a new chum need to know that any compiled product list requires agreement with local government authorities. For example in Moscow list of goods offered by stores should include bread, baked goods, milk products, grains, salt, sugar, tea.  
There are also some other rules for retailers: for example store of 30 sq/m should sell not less than 500 items. ItТs recommended to include in this list bread and flour products, eggs, frozen semi-finished foods, meat and fish, cheese, diary, preserves, grains, beverages. Depending on the store size list, of course, can be wider. We would like to pay your attention to the fact that merchandising of goods must be organized logically Ц messy merchandising is impossible.      
Any type of good should have supporting documents (they are given by products suppliers).
We should also tell you about staff. General manager is always a person who knows retail segment perfectly. And it canТt be otherwise. Thus, in case if youТre not an old soldier in the area of retail - we recommend you to hire an employee, who will cooperate with suppliers and control business activities.  
Be attentive to all the details and you will be bound to succeed.