Cafe concept

Square - up to 350 m²
Items quantity - up to 150 SKU
Service type - self-service/with staff
Production areas - yes

There are a lot of factors which can influence on a café project success: kitchen technological project, developed in a best manner, location, quality-to-price ratio, quality of service and also the menu pecularities. But there is also one curious thing which doesn't play an important role from the first sight – interior design. Of course, you can make repairs, set modern furniture, hang some beautyful curtains and invite visitors. But the café can become standard and typical in this case. What factors can help to differentiate a cafe from the competitors? 

The answer is the following: café project, developed by extra-class specialists, unique concept and good idea for design. Café project, which was developed considering all the specific nuances can help to organize the optimal diner work and provide a success for the restarant. Nowadays there are a great number of eating places in the market and the competitiveness is really very high. So, non-standard design can play an important role for customer choosing the restaurant. Design of a café can be appropriate to the cuisine offered or it can bring some unique idea which leaves any unfogettable impressions and stick in clients memory.