Retail branding

Branding is a process of creation and development of brand and its identity. It is quite possible that customers will not pay some conscious attention to a logo or a trademark, but anyway these kinds of visual hooks would stick in clients' minds. Later the client instinctively will expect the distinctive hallmarks - price level, assortment range, foods quality and service class when seeing a store under the same sign, logotype or name. Branding creates shareholder value 3 times larger than any other components of business.

Brand is a trademark+arrangement of promises or images living in the customers' consciousness and forming the belief that some concrete trademark is better than any other trademarks represented by competitor companies. Brand appears when a customer is absolutely ready to pay more for the opportunity of using brand.

Brandbook and retailbook are created when it is necessary to fix all the brand attributes, avoid of erosion of all the brand components, fix the brand identity and have a possibility to spread it about for other retail projects. Here you can find the Brandbook example. 

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