Spirits store concept

Square - from 50 up to 200 m²
Items quantity - up to 3000 SKU 
Service type - self-service/countertop retail 
Production areas - no


Spirits retail is a very profitable business, but it’s really very difficult to open an alcoholic beverages store. It’s not an easy task to find an appropriate retail space, choose a high quality assortment range and receive an alcohol license. Rack stand is a main type of equipment in spirits supermarket. It’s recommended to place also refrigerated equipment in the event there are related products in a store.

Rack stands:

It’s a key kind of equipment for retail floor fitting in an alcoholic beverages store. Rack stands should have a stable structure. Construction materials, colors, model types depend on overall store decoration. It’s a good idea to place custom-made racks, which can provide the most effective goods representation.

Vertical wall displays:

It’s a seldom-used kind of equipment in spirits stores.

Refrigerated counters:

Customary or exclusive refrigerated counters can be placed on retail floor: producers offer a wide range of model types. Choice depends on store price segment, client’s requirements and project pecularities.

Display cabinets:

Not used.