Fine food store concept

Square - up to 700 m² 
Items quantity - up 10000 SKU 
Service type - Self-service
Production areas - yes

Fine food store is a gourmet boutique, which is specialized in sale of elite, luxurious and exotic products. Luxury segment means unique interior design, rich decoration of retail space and mounting of premium kinds of refrigerated equipment, which provides effective food storage. High-class equipment can also serve as a perfect way of decoration on retail space. A great number of modern producers offer a wide range of exclusive equipment, which is fitted with innovative functions.

Rack stands:

Premium format means developing of particular and inimitable supermarket design project; it also requires use of unique types of equipment. That’s why in such cases rack stands are always designed-to-order. Different colors, finish materials, forms, decoration details must be combined with general store style: they should cause delight and admiration.