Discount grocery concept

Square - 300-900 m²    
Items quantity - 2000 SKU    
Service type - self-service  
Production areas - yes

Simpleness and functionality are the main pecularities of the discount grocery supermarkets. In most cases such trade enterprises have general merchandise. There are a number of housewares, disposable dinnerware and other in-demand goods. Customers can also find there a wide range of dairy and factory-made bakery products. The dominant requirements for professional equipment here are reliability and maximal effective volume.

Rack stands:

Rack stands should be located as straight lines. Their aimed height can equal to 180 cm.

Use of pallet display and special baskets can be a great idea for goods representation, especially for storage and demonstration of grocery products, drinks, bakery goods etc.

Recommended equipment: Shtrikh-M, KS-Rus

Vertical refrigerated units:

We advise you to give preference to vertical refrigerated units, which are equipped with vertical evaporator. It’s the most effective type of equipment.

Recommended equipment: Neron

Refrigerated counters:

This kind of trade equipment is set on retail floor of discount grocery supermarkets for storage and representation of salads, cheese and meat foods.

Recommended equipment: Europa, Virgo

Display cabinets:

One of the most popular types of freezer cabinets. It’s characterized by high capacity, efficient performance and simplicity of mounting.

Recommended equipment: LEVIN