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Conceptualization of supermarket positioning idea

Х Determining of marketing positioning development thrusts;

Х Listing of customer values and their sources;

Х Creation of advertising slogans and intercommunication elements.

Planning concept

Х Space zoning, creation of navigation system;

Х Location of the main departments;

Х Layout planning, retail space optimization.

Visual merchandising

Х Choice of equipment which can provide the most effective representation of goods;

Х Location planning of promo stands and seasonal goods;

Х Location of intercommunication elements.

Interior design

Х Choice of stylistic solution and finish materials;

Х Conceptualization of light design and lighting system project;

Х Development of 3D rendering and detailed design.

Interior ways of communication

Х Planning of wall cantilevers, signages of trade departments location;

Х Creation of graphic pictures, promo shelf labels and other tools of corporate identity;

Х Preparation of preliminary samples, manufacturing quality control.

Entry/Refrigerated counters

Х Developing of technical design specification; merchandising displays decoration;

Х Decoration of entry systems and checkout zones.

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