Culinary workshop

Culinary workshop opens up the opportunities for organization of different dishes production, which are represented for sale afterwards. Culinary workshop provides a production of baked, milk foods, also meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and grits.

Workshop is always divided into 2 parts – hot and cold meal preparation rooms. Following certain rules lets to provide efficient and safety cook operation. Any culinary workshop should include special rooms for food storage and preparation, and also for cleaning of utensils.

According to pecularities of a concrete trade enterprise a culinary workshop can be divided into some sections, among them are: meat, fish, vegetable, bakery rooms.

What kinds of technological equipment can be used for food preparation in culinary workshop?

Thermal processing equipment

Combi steamers, cookers, ovens, heated tops, frying machines, grills, stoves etc.

Refrigerated equipment

Cooling cabinets, chest freezers, refrigerated counters, thawing chambers, blast chillers and freezers etc.

Baker’s and confectionary equipment

Dough makers, convection ovens, final proofers, mixers, pizza ovens, sheeters, bread slicers, deck ovens, rotating rack ovens etc.

Electromechanical equipment

Mincing machines, mixers, vegetable cutters, bread slicing machines, blixers, homogenizers, vegetable peelers, cutters etc.

Dishwashing equipment

Dishwashers, universal washing machines etc.

Neutral equipment

Working tables, drop-in elements, extraction hoods, shelves, racks, washing baths etc.

In fact, culinary workshop can be furnished with any type of professional equipment according to range of dishes, which must be cooked. Technological equipment is chosen on an “as needed” basis. Today’s manufacturers offer a great number of different kinds of professional kitchen helpers for any food preparation.