Japanese cuisine is still emphatically popular in restaurants of Russia. Trade enterprises move with the times, so realization of culinary show conception, based on cooking of sushi is a very successful idea for supermarkets and hypermarkets, which want to widen product range as well as surprise their customers. Sushi cooking process means some technological nuances, that’s why it’s so important to use specialized types of professional equipment for cooking of the most tasty and high-quality foods.

Rice cooker

This kind of professional equipment can provide quick food preparation. Rice cooker has a time control function, so there’s no need for cook to keep the equipment in check. Compact size and ease of use are the additional advantages of this technological equipment.

Refrigerated counter

This professional equipment serves as easy-to-use countertop as well as a storage cabinet. It’s very comfortable to cook on it and also store different types of products in it at a low temperature. A wide range of different versions let to choose the most relevant counter, which can meet the requirements of any professional kitchen.

Washing tank

Washing tanks are used in any professional kitchens. It helps to clean products, dishes, utensils, tableware. Any sizes, types and versions make them available for all the enterprises.