Bakery department

  • Bakery department is usually characterized by some special atmosphere and comfort. Warm and soft lighting, wooden racks, inimitable odor of newly-baked goods, aromas of vanilla and cinnamon.

  • Bakery department can be a store identity. It helps to create a trade enterprise image if some special elements of decoration were used during the process of store fitting.

  • It can be a successful idea to set different types of technological bakery equipment in supermarket if the project means production of own pastries. It depends on a supermarket area and food range that is offered. For example, convection ovens or bread-slicing machines can be placed there.

  • Appetizing baked goods are always represented on the shelves of special racks. They are made-to-order as a rule. Among the main pecularities of this equipment are: rigidity, robust construction and stylish design.