Fruits and vegetables department

  • This department is traditionally located at the entrance. Natural freshness and gay colors of fruits and vegetables create a positive atmosphere in a store. Fruits and vegetables merchandise display should be appropriate to price positioning of a store. For example, for discount grocery stores it would be a good idea to merchandise the products on the pallets in customary plastic boxes.

  • Boxes of plywood can serve as a good decorative analog of pallets. Display for merchandising of fruits and vegetables is usually decorated as a market stall. In such a case special secondary structures and wooden details are used.

  • Today just usual racks can be used instead of fruit stalls in discount stores and supermarkets of the middle price tier. It helps to save a space. Middle-class- and luxury stores often represent the fresh goods on the shelves of refrigerated equipment, keeping the idea of open and rich goods merchandising.

  • Vegetable department is recommended to be joined together with a department, where some pickled products are represented (on the counters or in specialized cooled barrels).