• Moscow, Bolshaya Yakimanka St, 22

    Equipment: Linde, Teko, Scotsman, Tekhno-TT

  • Globus Gourmet is a grocery boutique. It’s excellent in style, assortment range and service. These supermarket chain stores have a five-star style, non-standard approach to retail methods and an untypical key-note, which is welcomed with opened arms by Ru

  • Combination of components that can put a store in the same league with the best world supermarkets. Globus Gourmet - is a functionality, wide range of goods, highest level of service and fantastic interior design. This retail object is opened for customer

  • In Globus Gourmet there was realized a non-standard approach to the retail space fitting.

  • Exclusive racks and refrigerated displays were set on the supermarket retail space. They meet the challenge of food storage and demonstration perfectly.