Fresh market concept

Square - 500-2000 m²   
Items quantity - 12000 SKU   
Service type - self-service 
Production areas - yes

Fresh market is a new type of trade enterprise for Russia. It combines the pecularities of traditional food market and present-day supermarket. The main feature of this retail format is a wide assortment of fresh foods, particularly meat, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables, dairy products. The format is of high interest because of the possibility to offer the top grade foods at affordable prices and special comfort, created for customers. Fresh market is an up-to-date and more successful version of customary food markets.

Rack stands:

Rack stands are widely used for display merchandise and storage of fruits and vegetables. This type of professional retail equipment can be designed-to-order. It’s also possible to select a standard version out of the producer’s product line. Choice can depend on retail space design and a general project style.

Refrigerated counters:

Refrigerated counters are necessary for storage and representation of meat and fish. Retailer should place a priority on functional and reliable equipment, which also answer all the requirements of retail floor design.