Delicatessen store concept

Square - 300 m²
Items quantity - up 200 SKU
Service type - countertop retail
Production areas - yes

This is a very popular format in the market because any customer can find here a wide range of semi-finished or already cooked products, which are almost ready-to-eat. There are salads, meat and fish dishes, grilled and baked food, pan-ready products (for example, marinaded shashlik, azu, steaks). Special equipment for organization of delicatessen store is needed: in the first place, thermal equipment for food preparation and refrigerated counters where goods can be represented.

Rack stands:

They can be used if there are baked foods in an assortment range. It would be a great idea to place standard rack stands, made of lightwood.

Vertical wall displays:

It’s a seldom-used kind of equipment in delicatessen stores.

Refrigerated counters:

It’s the main type of trade equipment as you organize this retail concept. Why? Assortment range includes fresh foods, which is in need of continuous cooling. Premium equipment with non-standard design can also be set on retail space, for example, counters in the form of bent lines or with boxy glass are quite popular.

Display cabinets:

Not used