Supermarket concept

Square - 300-2500 m²   
Items quantity - 15000 SKU   
Service type - self-service
Production areas - yes

One of the main features of present-day upscale supermarkets is a creative approach to all the details, related to designing. Upscale supermarkets can also be characterized by non standard retail floor style. Own-produced goods account for a sizeable proportion of the total product mix. Any customer can find here a wide variety of salads, hot dishes, baked foods. There is a wide range of housewares and giftwares in contrast with discount grocery stores. The dominant requirements for the professional equipment here are: durability, capacity size, stylish design.

Rack stands:

This type of retail equipment can be placed in accordance with retail floor zoning requirements. Rack stands can be located as straight or bent lines. Aimed height of island racks can equal to 180 cm; height of wall stands can equal to 200-220 cm.

Vertical wall displays:

It’s a good practice to choose refrigerated wall displays according to such criteria as reliability, capacity size, and design. Level of cold consumption is an important factor too. Among the popular types of equipment are vertical wall displays, which are equipped with special curtain for providing of cold keeping.

Refrigerated counters:

Refrigerated counters are widely used for presentation and sale of catchweight goods. It’s an ideal equipment for demonstration of confectionary foods, salads, delicacies. One of the most popular types is a counter with boxy glass.

Display cabinets:

The general tendency at the market is a display cabinet with special curtains. It can help to reduce a refrigeration loss and also improve an energy efficiency.