Chef show

Culinary show, which is organized in a supermarket can become the main center of attraction for customers. Why? Demonstration of foods cooking in real time, appetizing savors, cook's skills, testing of dishes - all these factors are able to increase the interest of consumers to a supermarket. If a cook, in addition, is charismatic and famous for his culinary skills – clients' interest is provided. It would be perfectly if a cooking process is accompanied by a culinary lectures. What kinds of technological equipment are needed for the organization of such a project ?


This technological equipment has been successfully used in public catering enterprises and also supermarkets, it meets the challenge of meat, fish and vegetables cooking. Frying surface special design provides very fast and easy cooking. The fry-top can be set in the processing line or work independently.

Induction grill pan

This is a very important type of professional kitchenware, and any chef always needs it. Induction grill pan provides quick and even cooking of meat and fish, as well as vegetables. Food can be cooked without oil, anyway any dishes will be characterized by inimitable aroma and richness. Health and tasty food can be cooked with the help of this kitchenware. Induction grill pan can be made of From the frying pan grill can cook healthy meals. This kitchen tool may be made of cast aluminum or iron.

Induction cooker

This equipment can be justly called as a new generation electric stove. This professional helper gives all the possibilities for quick and easy preparation of any product. Induction cooker does not require any preheating. Its work is based on the heating of cookware with food, but not the equipment surface. Thus the most efficient and rapid cooking is achieved.


It is one of the most popular and actual equipment in any professional kitchen. It is able to provide up to 70% of all the possible kinds of thermal conditioning. Today's producers offer the combi ovens, which vary in operation mode, evaporation method, the type of energy carrier. Combi-steamer is a multy-purpose equipment, so it's necessary for use in any professional kitchen.

Induction wok

Chefs really adore this type of professional equipment for its ease of use, reliability and excellent cooking result. The equipment is indispensable if the chef show means cooking of oriental dishes. Using of induction wok together with induction cooker gives the wonderful opportunities for cooking of delicious dishes.

Refrigerated counter

Such equipment serves as working area and refrigerating cabinet at the same time. This is especially useful for companies that try to save their working space. Depending on the needs of the enterprise, the table may have any configuration. Most of the models which are represented in the market have an optimal thermal insulation so that they can be set in a single line with a thermal equipment.

Ready-made meals demonstration

This type of equipment is intended not only for foods demonstration, but also for heating of dishes which are already cooked. Various forms, sizes and volumes let to choose modifications that meet the requirements of any professional kitchen. Nowadays producers offer modifications that are designed for storage and demonstration of soups, main courses and desserts.

Drop-in heating plate

This type of equipment is designed to keep the dishes warm. In addition, the drop-in heating plate gives an opportunity for showy presentation of fresh products. This increases the consumers interest to dishes and boosts consumption in a store.

Heat lamp

The main task of this equipment is providing of lighting and heating of products which are already cooked. Heat lamp can be an element of heating display construction, it also can be used as an accessory.

Range hood

The equipment is meant for air ventilation. Professional range hood is usually fitted with fan kit, grease trap, spark arrestor, and also highlighting. There are wall-mounted and island modifications in the market.