Alcoholic beverages department

  • Showy representation of bottles with alcoholic beverages on retail space is provided by special professional equipment. Racks for storage and demonstration of goods play a key role in fitting of this department. Bottles with beverages can also be represented in special baskets, which are inclined.

  • Light decorative constructions and friezes, located above all the racks (or alcoholic department in the whole) individuate it in the retail space. Lighting equipment, that is fixed there, downplays the space and creates a feeling as if it’s a “store in store”.

  • Bottles with alcoholic beverages can be represented on promotional counters. And seeing that this kind of goods is bought in the particular instances, neighbored departments with related products can successfully create a feeling of joy and anticipation.

  • Traditionally people drink alcoholic beverages with snack foods. So, it’s a perfect idea to sell related products, for example, salt fish, snacks, nuts, cheese. It can push sales up and provide the customers’ comfort and interest.