Engineering and refrigeration supply systems designing

Engineering is an essential part of supermarket designing process. It’s based on modern technical modeling levels and takes account of such factors as object special aspects, its type, concept, status and construction area.
The IdeaSupermarket company provides an engineering support, which includes a service of refrigeration systems constructional design. It helps to equip objects in a competent, quick and reliable manner possible.
Our company offers its clients the up-to-date, high professional and energy-conservative solutions for supermarkets and warehouse complexes.

Technology department

This department functions are:

- Working-out of technical requirements for supermarkets,
- Drafting of project proposals for connection of refrigerating equipment in supermarkets,
- Engineer works,
- Working-out of technical projects and plans of utility lines input; layout of different types of detail drawings,
- Layout; engineering development; choice of refrigerating units, central refrigeration and processing systems,
- Technology processes planning,
- Consulting, support and field supervision.

Heat recovery systems

Recuperation is a heat recovery process. In recent times this technology is in the center of attention because of its applicability and effectiveness. Warmth, which is used for needs of trade enterprise more than once, can heat not only industrial water, but also building volumes and working zones. It gives a great opportunity to reduce supermarket costs.


Free-cooling is a natural cold energy. This technology can be used during winter season. It’s especially appropriate for regions where the low temperatures prevail (for example, Siberia, northlands etc.). In this case refrigerating system is designed according to such special structural concept, which means a full stop of compressor in the case of low temperature. Cold output thermodynamic process is realized by pumping module. Its power-consuming is considerably less than compressor’s.

Frequency inverters

Frequency inverters help to converse compressors speed. Frequency inverters use helps to reduce energy consumption, which is meant for refrigerating equipment work. Motor set power intake remains unchanged. But due to the fact that from time to time compressor works on condition of under-frequency (less than 50Hz), productivity index is on the rise. Use of the technology lets to save 23% of energy annually.